Get More Subs

Methods to Gaining more subscribers

Youtube has changed over the years something have gotten worse like the whole (Ad pocalypse)thing and something has got a lot better like the ability to start a brand new channel and me making from within your 1st month.

This Is epic news, Now you can make a brand new channel and be making $10k a month without even uploading your own videos

See how you can make $10k a month with a new channel

There are a few ways to get more subscribers some more frowned upon than others but all methods work.

The 1st thing you should do if you are not partnered is,  get partnered. On my old channel I  got partnered and on the 1st day of my partnership I gained over 100 subscribers
Link to the best partnership for small channels, click here

Just copy and paste the link into your browser and apply it will take about 2 days to get accepted
This network offers
*No Lock-in contract
*No minimum payout (if you make $1 you can lift $1)
*No Tax
*60% base revenue that can be increased to 110%
and a lot of other benefits like free music you can use
*100000 sponsorships.

All methods have their upside and downside.

If you just want a big sub count the best way is using sub 4 sub, sites (Copy And Paste Link In You Search Browser)

(method 1)

1st site:  (one of the best, fastest way to gain subs.)

2nd site:  (free subs, view and likes,auto viewer to gain points)

3rd site:  (fee subs and views easy,fast and free)

4th site: (5 subs per day plus video views)

5th site: (5 subs per day)

6th site: (get subs view and like for free )

Good points – you can build up loads of subscribers and views fast

bad points – some of the sub-accounts might be fake and they will not watch future videos

(Method 2)

Mailing other small gaming channels.

Look through youtube channels and comments and mail other small gaming channel, you can say what your doing and ask them to sub to you
Or ask then for a sub for sub most small channels will do this.

Good points- doing this you will get real subs. They might not all watch your future videos but a high number of them will.

Bad points- it can be time-consuming and not everyone you mail will respond.

(Method 3)

Minecraft or other gaming forms. go on forms and just tell people about your channel and what you are doing and ask for feedback / put your channel
sub link at the bottom of your comments.
Talk to people on the forums and be helpful with your sub like as your signature.

Good points – you will get real subs that will watch your channel and comment .

Bad points – you won’t get loads of subs fast , it will take time for people to see your comments and sub your channel.

(Method 4)

Spam big youtube channels that do the same kind of videos.
say you like their videos and want to be like them some day could they look at your channel.

Good point- Anyone that subs to your channel from this will watch your videos and like and comment, A lot of people will see the comments so you  can get quite a lot of subs from this.

Bad points- A lot of people don’t like you spamming big channels so can leave bad comments regarding you and your channel.
On the other hand, if they leave comments on your comment it will be higher up on the comments so more people will see your comment, leading to
more subs.
All of the methods work and all have their good points and bad points.

You can use one of the methods or all if you really want your channel to grow fast.
All the best